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Why I ride a motorcycle (and why you should too)

Mumbai is a city where distance is not measured in kilometres or miles, it’s measured in time. Terms like ‘kilometers‘ or ‘miles‘ are academic constructs, used in maps to tell you how far one city or country is from the … Continue reading

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100 Words a Day

I was once listening to a TED video where the speaker mentioned that the average person’s brain takes in as much data in a day as our ancestors used to over a lifetime. It got me thinking about all of … Continue reading

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The Web Is A Private Place

There is a giant gap in the market for privacy that’s waiting to be filled.

Recent news of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos being circulated online have created reams of news print and a frenzy on social media. It’s also led to more than a few searches for the said photos. The events have triggered an FBI an investigation into identity of the person(s) involved in the leak, while tech-giant Apple has been forced into swift action by announcing additional safety features to iCloud in a bid to protect users’ privacy. But while social commentators have debated on whether media outlets should publicize the content from such leaks, these debates fail to an address an even more pressing concern. Continue reading

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Movement Marketing – A case study on the use of social media

How can brands make sense of social media? This article originally appeared in “Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers”, a quarterly publication of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. The original can be accessed in this PDF (Page 105). In February … Continue reading

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